in conjunction with COSIT 2013
2 Sep 2013 Scarborough, North Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

Accepted Papers


  • Zena Wood and Antony Galton, Urban and Environmental Sciences: The Challenges of `Big Data'


  • May Yuan, Some “Missing” Ideas about Time and Space-Time in GIScience


  • Kathleen Stewart and Wei Wang, The Role of Spatiotemporal Theories for Information Retrieval and Modeling Human-Environment Interactions


  • Mehul Bhatt, Jan Oliver Wallgrun and Christophe Claramunt, Commonsense Cognition of Geospatial Dynamics: Towards bridging the gap between Geography, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Science


  • Claudio E. C. Campelo and Brandon Bennett, Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Representing and Reasoning about Geographic Phenomena


  • John G. Stell, Relating Space, Time, and Granularity


  • Marius Thériault and Christophe Claramunt, On the Representation of Life Trajectories


  • Kristin Stock and Didier Leibovici, Discovering Order in Chaos by Deriving Spatio-Temporal Data on the Fly


  • Nico Van de Weghe, Berdien De Roo, Yi Qiang and Philippe De Maeyer, Multi-scale Spatio-temporal Analysis of Raster Data: Where Are We and When Will We Arrive There?


  • Mehul Bhatt and Carl Schultz, Holistic Spatial Design: Functional tool-sets as repositories of people-centered spatial design principles
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